Kansas City House Painting

Expert Kansas City Painting Services

Revamp your home’s exterior and elevate its charm with a professional touch of paint. Whether settling in for the long term, preparing to sell, or simply aiming for a fresh look, painting the exterior of your Kansas City home offers numerous advantages. 

A new coat of paint can drastically enhance your home’s visual appeal and desirability but also safeguard your property from the elements.

Discover the transformative power of a professionally painted exterior, redefining your Kansas City home’s attractiveness and leaving a lasting impression.

Painting Services We Offer

We excel in delivering comprehensive house painting services tailored to elevate your home’s aesthetics and durability. Our painters’ expertise spans both exterior and interior painting/staining, ensuring a seamless finish that revitalizes your living spaces. 

We also offer professional paint removal and cleaning services. We use industry-leading techniques to efficiently strip old paint layers, ensuring a clean canvas for a fresh start or for a refined surface preparation before a new paint application.

Exterior Painting or Staining

Includes painting home exteriors & metal roofs, cleaning & sealing decks & patios, etc.

Interior Painting or Staining

Interior painting or staining, specialty painting, faux finishes, murals, textures, etc.

Paint Preparation

Drywall & plaster repair, cleaning of walls & ceilings, etc.

Paint Removal and Cleaning

Powerwashing, sandblasting, paint removal, etc.

Benefits of Keeping Your Home’s Paint Up-to-Date 

Fresh exterior paint does much more than look pretty. It seals and protects your home from damage caused by rain, wind, the sun, and snow! We all know that the Kansas City area experiences frigid winters and blistering summers. These temperature differentials bring tons of moisture and UV ray exposure to your home’s exterior.

What Happens When Painting Is An Afterthought?

When your home absorbs all of that UV ray exposure & moisture throughout the year you open your home up to wood rot. Wood rot is one of the most common issues that occurs when painting maintenance is forgotten. Wood rot can cost thousands of dollars to repair and takes quite a bit of time. Thankfully our Kansas City exterior house painters perform their job with quality materials to steer you clear of wood rot.

Kansas City Exterior House Painting Can Increase Home Value

Aside from protecting the exterior of your home from the harsh elements, a quality exterior paint job can enhance the appearance of your home! This can increase the value of your house if you are thinking of reselling. A fresh exterior paint is a great way to make the difference in potential buyers’ first impressions!


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